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I thought the assembly yesterday was one of the best ever at Davis. I wasn't sure how the students would react, but they were engaged the entire time. Thank you for arranging for the Adlers to give this presentation.

Becky Fendrick

8th Grade English Language Arts Alfonza W. Davis Middle School Omaha Public Schools

I was blessed to hear the Adler’s speak at Bishop Neumann High School in Wahoo last fall.  Their presentation was so moving and powerful!  Mark & Joni encourage young people to be leaders, to have courage, to look out for each other, to realize we are all different and we each have our own talents and purpose.  They reminded us that words are powerful and should be used to lift others up.  Their message is immensely important, and I wish ALL junior high and high schoolers could hear it.

With amazing courage and strength, the Adler’s are a blessing to the rest of us, for sharing their heart-wrenching story so that we all may be made acutely aware of the dangers of social media and the cell phones in our children’s hands.  Mark & Joni are on a mission to raise awareness about suicide, put an end to bullying and cyberbullying, and spread kindness everywhere they go.

Stacy McEvoy

Parent, Bishop Neumann High School in Wahoo

What a phenomenal presentation!  I think this is a great eye-opener for our youth and for parents.  Not only do  Mark and Joni share Reid's story, but they touch base on the opposite side of the spectrum with bullying.  There isn't one single person I would not recommend this to. My children have seen it twice and they will see it every time the opportunity arises.  What a powerful message!  #bekind 

Kelly Nelson

parent of 3, Doniphan-Trumbull Publics Schools

One of the highlights of this school year was definitely Dr. Mark and Joni Adler bringing "Reid's Story" to my school.  The eye-opening, heartfelt presentation they give about their son's story is truly a moving and thought-provoking experience, and every one of my peers told me they thought the same.  Some were moved to tears, some were simply speechless, but every one of us left with a deeper belief in the importance of adopting one simple trait: kindness.

Josh Trede

Senior student, Bishop Neumann Catholic School in Wahoo, NE

 Dr. Adler and Mrs. Adler came to our school and shared the story of their son Reid to our 7th and 8th-grade students.  Mental health, suicide, social media, and bullying are all very important topics for students to have an understanding of in 2018.  Our students were on the edge of their seats listening to every story and knowledge the Adler's shared.  I highly encourage all schools to have them share the story of Reid.  Kindness is a focus of the talk and my students are better because if it.  I hope that due to their talk we can prevent future tragic events and help students help themselves and others through difficult times.

Dan Bartels

Principal, Davis Middle School in Omaha Public Schools

Mark and Joni Adler speak directly from their hearts in delivering a very sobering and authentic message!  

Their concern for their audiences comes through loud & clear!  

I recommend them highly!

Steve J. Borer

Interim Asst. 7-12 Principal David City Public Schools

I have had the privilege of attending Reid’s Story presented by Mark & Joni Adler on four different occasions. Each time I have attended, I walk away amazed at how powerful & well received their message of kindness and anti-bullying is. In the four presentations I have witnessed, I have yet to see one disruptive student. I have observed both middle school and high school students be fully engaged. It is so impressive to me to see how Mark & Joni have taken an extremely difficult personal situation and shared it with thousands of people in the hopes of preventing other families from experiencing what they have. I highly recommend this program for students, parents, and community members.​

Jeff Schneider

Director of Finance & Operations Hastings Public Schools

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